Create trust:
Brandtrading has developed dependable and successful solution attempts for the production surpluses of manufacturers from the beginning and has provided therefore a trusting basis of all future business relations.

We make it right for you!
These business relations with manufacturers are based on individually co-ordinated cooperations. Grown and well proven over the years, today BrandTrading GmbH is selected by new partners to take over the sensitive business of position sales in a fast and adaptable way.

Our sales network protects your distribution!
In case of relaunches and/or production surpluses many industrial manufacturers use the concluded distribution network of the BrandTrading GmbH to market her respective positions in these markets without endangering or damaging their traditional distribution channels.

Minimise your risk:
The increasing product cycles of branded articles lead to more and more new developed articles and products  - this often overlaps the range in the markets. The strictly demarcation of the BrandTrading customers of the traditional distribution channels of the manufacturers is an unavoidable condition for the successful sales.

Quick and reliably:
To minimise overlappings with traditional outlet markets, BrandTrading only sells to dealers who are specified in selling products very fast and without a long retention period in the shop.

Use our marketing structure:
The national market in the low price segment develops for many years disproportionate to the classical retail trade. Brandtrading has recognised this early and has developed success-oriented solutions for suppliers as well as for customers. During the past years these solutions were always proved as practicable and loadable.

This service really pays:
The many years' experiences of BrandTrading GmbH form the basis for our trusting business relations to the – even bigger batches or positions without long retention period by retail are handled by us and so we prevent additional warehouse expenses and administrative costs at the manufacturers side.

Transparency protects your brand:
Distribution channels are kept as arranged without endangering your traditional customers. By the use of the most modern technology we can observe all flows of goods. Started with stocks and their movements over the delivery-tracking of the product up to the inventories and sales in the alternative commercial markets, which are linked up to our concluded distribution network.

The centerpiece:
The logistic department in the warehouse Marxen leads all incoming and outgoing products to the right places. Thanks to a motivated team and professional logistic partners we process in time, reliably and completely. Beside the best service we are able to offer our customers and suppliers enough space. So we have extended our warehouse in Marxen recently on more than 15,000 palette parking lots and have also an adaptable additional contingent in set surfaces.

Special wishes? You´re welcome:
Supported by our merchandise management we can offer a complete service to our partners and also adaptable single solutions like translations and/or labellings, packaging up to repacking the product i.e.

BrandTrading GmbH – Success with new service

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